Toggle Switches

– Made in USA

– Used to handle all vehicle and equipment applications

– Available with ball, short or long handles, paddle and illuminated actuators

– Housings are plastic/metal combination or die cast


Momentary Switches

– Made in USA

– Heavy duty with Copper Alloy Contacts

– Comes with weathered proof, dustproof protective cap and mounting nut assembly

– For applications up to 36VDC


Types Available
(1) Push Button (2) Pull Actuated (3) Plasticized (4) Marine Construction


Windshield Wiper Switches

– Microprocessor Controlled Electronic Wiper Switches

– Conform to SAE J1455

– Controls one 24VDC motor

– Terminations: Six Color Coded Wire Leads, 5” long

– Suitable for Negative Ground Magnet Wiper Motors with or without Dynamic Parking

Types Available
(1) Electronic (2) Electro-Mechanical (3) Single Motor Control (4) Dual Motor Control


Master Disconnect Switches

– For 6-36VDC electrical systems

– Disconnect Battery Circuit only

– Single Pole

– Two Positions: OFF/ON

– Weather Resistant: O-Ring in Operating Shaft

– Steel Casing: Index Pin on case aligns unit and prevents rotation

– Actuatored by Hencol lock with two keys


Ignition Switches

– Actuated by a Coded Key and Tumbler Lock with a patented Hencol keyed lock or lever

– Lever design available in 3 types: military, short lever and long lever

– Silver contacts, weather resistent options are available upon request

– Switches are available with either a grounded case or a separate ground terminal depending on the application

– Delco replacement and other make switches are available upon request

Features Anti-restart to prevent reactivating the starter circuit when the engine is running. The switch must be turned to the OFF position before the circuit can be re-energized thus, preventing accidental damage to the starter motor.