Three Phase brushless synchronous generators:
– NF 51-100, 111
– OVE M-10
– NEMA MG 1.22

The generators are three phase, open ventilated with a large terminal box suitable for easy connection to the terminals. Frame size range from 160 to 710 mm.

These generators comply with the following standards:
– CEI EN 60034-1
– IEC 60034-1
– BS 4999-5000
– VDE 053


Main Features

– Auxiliary windings as standard up to 1300kVA (frame size 400mm). PMG available on request.

– Three phase sensing AVR from 150kVA to 1300kVA. On all the other outputs on request.

– Voltage precision +/- 0,5%.

– 2/3 Pitch Winding

– THD <= 2% up to 1300kVA (frame size 400mm)

– Radio interference conforms to Class B Group 1 as defined by IEC 60034-1

– Icc > 3In up to 1300kVA (frame size 400mm), Icc > 2,5In above

– Class H Insulation System

– 12 leads up to 660kVA; on request up to 1300kVA

– The generators are impregnated using the most modern technologies (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation). A further protection from any corrosion phenomenum is guaranteed by a tropicalisation treatment as standard on all generator series.

– Standard mountings are B2 (single-bearing configuration) and B3/B14 or B3/B5. Special constructions can be supplied on request.

– Standard enclosure is IP23. Higher protection levels (up to IP55) can be supplied on request using air filters or heat exchangers mounted on the generators.

– MJB generators can operate at 50 and 60 Hz