Nason switches are used successfully in many pneumatic and hydraulic applications. Military vehicles and equipments, aviation, marine, machine tools, farm and construction equipment, process equipment and industrial machinery are typical applications.


Nason has the experience and willingness to customize any switch to meet specific application requirements. Special media connections, electrical connections, circuitry and construction materials can be designed and produced as needed.

Snap Action Switches

Nason uses only the highest quality snap action electrical switches which insures a positive, instantaneous electrical contact under all operating conditions. Nason electrical switches are UL, CSA and military listed.


The operational life of a Nason switch is normally in excess of one million cycles. Operating life depends on many variables, and specific tests should be run if marginal conditions exist.


Nason pressure switches incorporate elastomeric diaphragms to provide a positive media seal. Nitrile is the material of choice for most applications. Ethylene propylene, fluorocarbon, fluorosilicon, and neoprene are readily available for specific applications.


A distinct change in pressure (or temperature for temperature switches) is necessary to reset a Nason snap action switch to its original electrical state. This feature prevents “searching” and maximizes switch and system life. Nason can vary switch differentials for specific applications.

Electrical Circuits

A unique variety of electrical contact arrangements allows the system designer to achieve complex logic at minimal cost. Contact arrangements up to form ZZ and isolated dual set points are available.

Electrical Connections

A wide variety of electrical connectors are readily available for most applications. Screw terminals, wire leads, blades, studs, conduit, DIN and military connectors are stock items.

Electrical Rating

Most Nason switches are available in a nominal 5 or 10 AMP rating. Gold plated contacts for low current and 25 AMP ratings are also available.Media Connections: Nason’s offering of media connections is unmatched in the industry. NPT, BSP, SAE, JIS, DIN and MS are available.