Stewart Warner has a rich history in instrumentation gauges and perhaps one of the most recognized brand in the Vehicles Instrumentation Industries.They have improved over the years by providing superior products covering different kind of industries, etc. Marine, Oilfield, Heavy Duty Vehicles and Off Highway markets.


Standard Line Instruments

– Classic white graphics on black face dial with white pointer

– Flat bright stainless steel bezel

– Popular diaphragm mechanism for proven performance in 2-1/32″ diameter case

– Standard gauges in sealed case and non-illuminated

– Standard Plus available in single, double, and triple gauge mounting panel with external lighting with clamshell packaging


Deluxe Gauge

– One of the most complete range with quality and reliability

– Marine Deluxe gauges available in 2-5/8” diameter case in brass case and non ferrous hardware

– Comprehensive offering of matching electrical and mechanical gauges for a variety of applications including Marine Deluxe and Metric Deluxe

– Classic easy-to-read white graphics on black face dials with white pointers

– Patented light ring for night-time illumination

– Low profile, bright, stainless steel bezel and metal cases

– Marine Deluxe features brass housing, bracket, and hardware to ensure corrosion resistance. Low profile, brass bezel with chrome finish

– Metric Deluxe available with metric face dials

– Matching 5″ speed, tach and cluster

– Also available in 2-5/8″ diameter cases


Heavy Duty & Heavy Duty Plus

– Designed and engineered for heavy-duty truck and off-highway applications.

– Heavy Duty and Heavy Duty Plus gauges will measure up under the most demanding operating conditions

– Bold white graphics on black face dials with white pointers

– Black raised bezel with distinctive brushed bright rim

– Patented light ring for better night-time readability

– Mechanical gauges feature Bourdon tube mechanisms while electric gauges feature

– Bi-Torque mechanisms Matching 5″ speed and tachometer available